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The Resource section includes a series of "Summary Sheets" which represent condensed version of posters as well as material that has never been presented. We also include a series of photo galleries, consisting primarily of field shots. Thumbnails of both Summary Sheets and Photos are available to all, but the high resolution files are available only to consortium members.

Original Data

These files encompass the original high-resolution data used as Figures and references in other publications. PDFs of these files are available for consortium members only.

Each file entry contains the filename (with filesize), a link to the publication that included the data, and a link to the page on this website where the publication is located. While the files are all posted as PDFs, each has layers preserved and can be opened and modified in a current version of Adobe Illustrator™.


The following galleries display images on a variety of topics. Full-size images are accessible for consortium members only.